About Us

Alliance Lawyers: a response to an identifiable need

Who can you contact if you are faced with litigation or you need legal advice?

Having experienced just such a situation abroad, the founders of Alliance Lawyers decided to develop a network of recommended lawyers.
As a result, Alliance Lawyers was founded in 2012 by two members of the Geneva Bar Association, Florian Baier and Florence Sager-Koenig.
Alliance Lawyers also promotes the development of relationships between participating lawyers. As part of a network, member lawyers support each other in striving for professional excellence.

A reliable network for clients

The trust placed in members of the network is based on a fourfold foundation

  • Each member lawyer is committed to our professional charter (see “Our Commitment”).
  • Alliance Lawyers has established a relationship with every member lawyer and has approved each application.
  • Each member lawyer has been proposed by a referee.
  • In order to remain a member, each lawyer is expected to respect our charter over time.